1603 error when trying to install Prezi Video

I get a 1603 error when I try to install prezivideo

Hey @jamie_church can you give us a little more information about your specifications? Please send us a screenshot of your computer:

  • if you’re on Windows, right click on My Computer, then select Properties
  • if you’re on Mac, click the apple icon in the top left corner and select About This Mac

as soon as you provided more information about your machine we will be able to better help you :slight_smile:

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Ciao Samuel,
a me quando provo a installare Prezi video, il sistema segnala che la mia versione windows non è supportata.
Ho un account prezi plus e sistema operativo windows 8.
Grazie per l’attenzione.

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Ciao @Federica_Arlotti, La versione di Windows supportata per il video Prezi è Windows 10, tutto quanto sopra non è supportato. Puoi trovare ulteriori informazioni qui.

Grazie @Bart
quindi o installo window 10 o niente prezi video da quanto ho capito!

Ciao @Federica_Arlotti, sì, sfortunatamente l’app desktop Prezi Video non funzionerà sul tuo sistema Windows 8. Puoi provare la versione online su prezi.com

Si @Bart l’ho provata e funziona bene. Il problema è che vorrei utilizzare la modalità video conferenze e da quanto ho capito è necessario avere video prezi desktop. Sbaglio?

Ciao @Federica_Arlotti, sì, la videoconferenza funziona solo con l’app desktop Prezi Video.

Grazie per il tuo supporto @Bart


Es gelingt mir nicht, PreziVideo zu installieren. Der Installationsvorgang läuft an und bricht ohne Fehlermeldung nach ein paar Sekunden ab. Ich finde PreziVideo dann zwar in meinem Verzeichnis und das schwarze Fenster geht auch auf, die Menüpunkte in der Seitenleiste lassen sich auch klicken, es passiert aber nichts. Ich habe gerade das neuste WIN 10 Home installiert. Bei einem der ersten Installationsversuche ist auch Fehler 1603 aufgetaucht, danach nicht wieder.

Hello, same issue, error code 1603 even when running the installer as admin, trying to install current latest prezi video on Windows 10 home. What are current workarounds?

Hallo @Joerg_Petersson, ich habe deinen Beitrag mit dem entsprechenden Thread zusammengefĂĽhrt. Ich wĂĽrde Ihnen empfehlen, die folgenden Schritte auszufĂĽhren:

  1. Deinstallieren Sie zunächst alles, was mit Prezi Video zu tun hat, vollständig;
  2. Starten Sie dann Ihren Computer neu;
  3. Versuchen Sie anschließend erneut, es zu installieren und den Zielordner zu ändern.

Lassen Sie uns bitte wissen, ob Sie es installieren konnten, nachdem Sie diese Empfehlungen befolgt haben.

Hello @David_Laou, I merged your post with the relevant thread. I would recommend you to follow these steps:

  1. Firstly, completely uninstall anything related to Prezi Video;
  2. Then, restart your computer;
  3. After, try to install it once again and change the destination folder.

Let us know if you were able to install it after following these recommendations, please :slight_smile:

Hello @Catarina ,

Many thanks for the quick feedback.
Just for information, yesterday was my first attempt ever to install a Prezi product. I was on Win 8.1. Install of Prezi video failed as I immediately received a notification that Win 10 was a requirement. This morning I upgraded to Win 10. The error came upon the first install.

This evening I’ve performed steps 1. 2. + install with the same results. I took care in step 1. to completely delete folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Prezi\ but the program never appeard in my list of programs to uninstall.

Whenever trying to install from downloaded file Prezi.Video-x64-, I’ve always encountered the same process:
“Initializing…” / “waiting to download” / “Installing” / error with code 1603.

Please note that I was never invited to choose a destination folder as mentioned in your step 3.

After the incomplete installation, I can observe that:
There is an empty C:\Program Files (x86)\Prezi\CrashReports folder
There are various files in C:\Program Files (x86)\Prezi\Update

  • I took care to delete all C:\Program Files (x86)\Prezi\ before rebooting and try again.

Still no success, could you please advise ?

Hello @David_Laou, could you please try to install it again using this link?

Let us know what happened, please :slight_smile:

Dear @Catarina ,

Many thanks, installing the provided MS VC runtime install before Prezi video install did the job!


Hello, I have been stucj for hours trying to install Prezi Video and I get the 1603 error every time, I tried same installer on a different computer and it worked, but it doesn’t on the first one. Both computers run Windows 10 Enterprise and both are up to date with updates and drivers, any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

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Hello @Salvador_Duron, I merged your post with the relevant thread. Could you please check my reply above?

Let us know if you were able to install it!

Hello Catarina, thanks for the response, yes, installing the C++ Runtime solved the problem. Thanks !!


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