2 arcs of subtopics (planets) around main topic


Hello All,
I am building my first Prezi and am LOVING IT!! However, I am stuck with a topic where I need to have 8 subtopics to fully get my point across. For my design I do not want all 8 on one side of my main topic. How can I add a 2nd arc of subtopics (planets) to the other side of the topic. That way I can have 4 on one side and 4 on the other.

Thank you for any help and suggestions you can offer.



@Jesse_Diehl here’s a similar topic/response, it looks like that’s not quite possible (yet): Can I add Stacks on both sides?

however, @Vanda, I was giving this some thought, and is there any type of workaround where you could curve the single arc all the way around (basically create a circle by placing the 2 endpoints next to one another) and somehow manually space the subtopics accordingly? Or have an option to create 12 subtopics, for example, and reduce opacity on the center 4, still making the circle like previously mentioned, but then you’d have to “skip” the invisible ones… I don’t know, I still need to try it out… If I get it to work, I’ll post a screen shot.


I figured it out!! You can draw a near circle with the arc. Just drag one end up to where you want the curve to begin, then pull the middle of the arc to the opposite side. I’ve attached a screen shot of my final result.


Nice! and what would be even more interesting is if, let’s say, I want it to look like the topics aren’t as connected, so picture it without your LinkedIn & timeclock sections, for 6 total (3 on each side)…that’s where my original thought was headed, but I don’t think that particular option is available yet.


The Arc must go!!
Free placement for all. :wink:
But really the arc is a CAD feature and extremely limits presentations.


A spline might be nice… :wink: