20 Phrases that supporters should avoid in this forum


The task of a Prezi supporter is not easy, they have to stand for the failures of the developers. They are sitting on the fence, trying to do their job in the company while soothing the community at the same time.

But most of the customers are sick of tranquilizing phrases, they would probably be happy, if the following statements could be avoided from time to time:

(wordcloud created with infogr.am)


What should they say in the meantime? I don’t deny being frustrated from time to time as well, no doubt, but if they would like to reply to feedback in a timely manner, politely & helpfully acknowledging your concerns, yet knowing they likely can’t fix the issue immediately, what would a non-tranquilizing response be in that case?? Admittedly some phrases you include are more “canned” than others, but I still don’t see any true constructive feedback here. If, as users, we want to work together with the support team and get our voices heard, I think it might be more useful time spent in explaining what ARE looking for.


Got it @Gerald_Gantschnigg, we’ll try and vary our wording to avoid sounding repetitious. We’re also open to any recommendations you might have as to the phrases you would like us to use to replace those in your word cloud.


Thanks for your understanding of my intention @vera, not all of the forum’s members are so cool with my posting.
As far as I’m concerned it would help to flag e.g. requests similar to “solved”: “will not be implemented”, “will be implemented”, “confirmed”, “reproducible bug” or whatever. A clearer statement whether it will continue or not.
And maybe that the given categories are not sufficient enough, but finding drawers is always difficult in a forum.
Sorry for throwing the ball back to you.:wink:


I like the idea, @Gerald_Gantschnigg, will have to discuss with our team first. We monitor all feature request topics, and whenever a feature is implemented, we share this news in the topic, mark it as solved, and close it. Here’s an example. We’ll explore ways in which we can be a little clearer about our future plans, so thanks for the suggestions.