3d background image size on canvas

I imported a background image that is 6000x6000px to the first layer of the 3D background, but when i zoom out all the way the background image is so small i can’t even see it.

I’ve looked at others presentations where you can see the background image, even when zoomed out all the way, how big does the image has to be to be able to see it.

I’m already at 12.000x12.000px and the sizes are getting ridiculous.

this is one of the ones i liked the background size http://prezi.com/d3lswto1mebc/free-falling-through-prezi/ 


First of all, your prezi looks great !! :slight_smile:
In a prezi you have basically an infinite canvas to work with. You are not able to have an infinite background for it though. Usually with 3D backgrounds the limit is the 3D background itself and you scale the objects inside the background accordingly. What you can do though to enhance the effect is to apply a gradient effect to the canvas itself. For this you can use the CSS editor in the advanced editor menu. Search for the label “background” and put something like that there:

 gradEnd: #fff
 gradStart:your color here - leave it unchanged

This will give you a canvas which fades to white.If you wan’t to darken you putt #000 as gradEnd value.

Hope this will help you to enhance the 3D effect you wanted to achieve.
Let us know if you still have questions.