3rd Party Templates?

Why can I upload 3rd party template to only Prezi Classic? What is the sense in eliminating this feature in Prezi Next? I need to continue my workflow and allow more rapid design and concept prototyping?

I’m so confused about the differences in these product categories.
I’ve used a few really great templates that have won-over and wooed my leadership to agree to Prezi Next and multiple seats, and now I’m learning that I cannot utilize Prezi Classic presentations and templates.

Any ideas on this? Any workarounds to continue utilizing this product?

Hello @Kevin_Settle, both in Prezi Classic and Next it’s not possible to upload templates. In Prezi Next we also have a Blank template which will allow you to create a presentation from scratch.

There are some 3rd party providers outside of Prezi that allow you to reuse templates for Classic and Next.

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what is the difference b/t importing 3rd party templates and "allow you to ‘reuse’ templates?

at a basic level i have a Standard license and use Prezi Classic to buy and import 3rd party templates.
how is this feature not available in Prezi Next?
thank you

Hello @Kevin_Settle, it’s not possible to import templates in Prezi Classic and Next.

Although we don’t officially support these 3rd party providers, they have templates for both platforms: you are added as a collaborator and the presentation should show up in your dashboard.