a forum for exchanging ideas on presentations?


How about having a forum to showcase prezis where users can give tips, advice to other users on their presentations made?

‘Showcase’ or ‘feedback’ or … ?

Hi Peter,

you can use the comment function on http://prezi.com/explore/ to address questions and feedback directly to prezi authors. Posting here is no problem either. Were’re also on FaceBook and Twitter: @Prezi](https://twitter.com/#!/prezi), @PreziSupport](https://twitter.com/#!/prezisupport) and @Prezi_Edu](https://twitter.com/#!/prezi_edu).

Kind regards,


What I mean is, as in a lot of flash, webdesign, … communities, a specific forum where one can ‘showcase’ and ask for feedback.

It is a bit different as the ‘explore’ thing where one puts up finished prezis, it is about building up a community of users that interact, give praise, comment on the work in progress and by interacting making prezi a more powerful brand.

But, just a thought.

Yeah, it would be nice to have a dedicated space for that. But currently the team is too small to manage all that, sorry. The existing platforms will have to suffice for the time being. But we are hiring :wink:

Hiring, does that mean I can work from Belgium instead of relocating?

Depends on the type of work, I guess. I for example work from home on support. Developers and designers on the other hand are all in the office.