A picture is worth a thousand words... But what about thousands of pictures?

Visual metaphors are the core of visual communication, and now you won’t even need to leave Prezi to find that perfect image.

In addition to our existing dark- and light-themed icons, we now have over 80,000 icons to help you express your story in the best way. And if you wish to add an illustration to a topic, we have even more to offer – 500,000 high-quality images right inside your editor. And that’s not it! To make sure your presentation has that strong, memorable overview we also now have many background images to choose from.

Happy presenting!

*Available with a paid Prezi license


A few requests to consider, please, as I’m starting to use:

1/ For ICONS- can you please create a shortcut at the top of the desktop app (currently you have Text, Image, Shapes, Arrows & lines…)

2/ For IMAGES- can you please somehow link together or give the option to toggle between Prezi images and local images through the shortcut? (Currently the shortcut will take you to your local drives and the dropdown Insert-Image will show the Prezi files.)
—Update on this line: I found the local option in Insert-Image by using the little upload arrow, but could the same also happen for the shortcut then?
2nd update on this line: I lied, I’m not sure I’d want to have that open up every time through the shortcut. Can there just be 2 different shortcuts maybe? Like “Local Image” and “Prezi Image” options??

3/ back to ICONS- LOVE LOVE all the options, don’t get me wrong, but will you also please provide some that are White lines as well? White solids and white outlines would be very helpful for my presentations (like how the graphs have “for light” or “for dark” options). And if you already have & I missed, let me know?

Thanks! Also, if you need to know, I am on Windows 10 desktop app Vers 1.16 Build 3, 64 bit.


Thanks for the suggestions @Plastic_Ingenuity, we will make sure to pass it on to the development team!


Prezi partnered with icons8, they didn’t create new icons! (Icons8 is awesome)