A shortcut key to delete forward?

I know the shortcut key CTRL + Backspace to delete backwards (to the left). The problem is that when you use a copy of a Presentation already made, you must delete forward (to the right). Does anyone know any shortcut key in that regard? Thank you.

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Hi @Juan_Manuel_Gutierre, we don’t have a shortcut for that. You can find all our shortcuts here.

If you want to delete topics from your Copy, it’s possible by selecting the topic and pressing Backspace.

I know that, Kata.

But I thought it could be interesting for the Support Team consider the possibility to create a new one Shortcut if other people use Prezi like me (templates based).

Well, thanks anyway for your quick answer.


Hi @Juan_Manuel_Gutierre, thanks for the tip! We’ll forward it to the responsible team. Have a nice day!