a way to print Prezi presentation using path thumbnails.

i just thought about a solution to a prezi hard to print issue. you know when you create the path, in the bottom of the prezi edit screen, it stores the selected view screen that you want. why not prezi allow those thumbnails to be be printed and also the user has the options which selected paths they want to print and allow different printing options - like powerpoint.

Thank you very much for the suggestion, I will be sure to add this to the list of features.

Alex do u mind sharing ur e-mail with me, i need to ask you a few questions for our business management class project. my group has decided to do our research on the Prezi , so we need certain things answered so i thought i ask you because i see you are very active on this discussion board which i really like. my e-mail is malikahsan1990@gmail.com. also i was looking for a latest article on prezi, but i cant seem to find a most current one. any article from last September will work.

we are also going to make the presentation using Prezi so it will really blow our teachers mind and the student. so i am counting on you if u can help us achieve this goal.