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Ideas on how we could make Prezi Next even better.

We’re building Prezi Next for you, with you. Got something you’d love to see in Prezi Next? This is the place to let us know.

Please post one idea per topic and use clear titles to help others find and add to your suggestion more easily.

We read every single idea you share and report everything to our product teams. Please note that your idea might not be implemented. Once we discuss an idea, we’ll tag it with one of the following statuses to keep you up-to-date:

  • Not planned - The idea isn’t on our short-term roadmap, but it doesn’t mean that we don’t like the idea or that we won’t come back to it at a later date.

  • Under consideration - We really like the idea and are considering implementing it.

  • Planned - We’ve decided to implement the idea but don’t have a deadline. This status might change at any time.

  • Implemented - The idea has been put into action.

Note: Topics will be tagged only after they’ve been discussed.

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Do you want ideas & suggestions mentioned/repeated in this forum if we’ve already emailed to our Prezi Customer Success contact? Wasn’t sure if this overlapped that communication & which might be the better channel to pursue going fwd as well.


Our Customer Success specialists forward all the feedback they receive to our product teams, so your ideas are sure to have reached them. That said, you are also always welcome to post your suggestions here if you would like to share and discuss them with others.


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