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I would like to change presentation templates - tell me there’s a simple way to do that???

@Catarina I accidentally deleted my presentation on Prezi Present and I dont know if I can access it again or its just gone…Could you help me please?
I think this was the link for the presentation: Log In | Prezi

I made a prezi in 2013 that I can’t access. It was called Indigenous Education Online by Amy Rachel Frank and Kim Gipp. I couldn’t reset my old password so I had to open a new account. Please contact me at kimgipp1@yahoo.ca

I am editing an old presentation. When I try to add new text, the text is skew because of the template, but I can’t straighten it and don’t know how to merge it to the previous format?

@Dani @Catarina Hello there! I deleted a presentation off of Prezi, since I didn’t need it, days after I find it on google, could you please remove it, or do something? There is no way of contacting you which is lame and dosen’t make anything but the user deleting the account, you insist users to pay for your service but some IT teachers make Students create free accounts and when they need customer support help they can’t find anything, imagine they’re super broke and they can’t afford a pro or what you call it license, next thing you know, some employer will find my digital footprint because of this presentation because it is on GOOGLE SEARCH! Who do I talk to? What do I do? Should I talk to google even tho I don’t have a google account? You just let your users in an unknown phase. This is very dissapointing, maybe I should switch to PowerPoint or Google Slides, I’m sure they would have a better customer support than putting users to pay just to talk to a representative, what a shame!

I haven’t been able to present my Prezis today. The presentations just won’t load properly. Everything was fine a week ago. What to do?