Abuse report not allow to report abuse


Not being author I’m unable to report abuse, spam links or whatsoever “bad content” (mean not apropriate content, and - yes , I understand - that’s big problem)…
For example:

has only 1 spam link suggestiung:
’ Click to download: tinyurl com mnfb7p8 ‘’
redirecting to resource offering copyrighted material

So, basically, Your abuse report not allow to report abuse


You can still report abuse for this presentation, even if it wasn’t you who created it. You can find the button here:



try yourself - I can’t
not because i’m not creator of prezi

but because I’m not the owner of copyrighted material which rights are infringed


In that case, you can find our copyright violation policy on this page and report this abuse through the email address shown there, by explaining the violation in as many details as possible.