Academic research on the use of Prezi

I am a lecturer at a local university in Malaysia. I conducted an experiment with students using once Prezi and once PPT. I would like to give my article more visibility. Are there newspapers that anyone knows which could be interested in publishing? Here is the link to my experiment.
Kind regards and stay safe,
Dr. Daniel

Hi Daniel:

I work on the EDU team at Prezi. I’d love to read your research paper and determine if there could be a link to what we are doing re: communicating to teachers the benefits of communicating to students via Prezi… and student assignments where Prezi or Prezi Video is the artifact.

Can you send the research paper? I tried the link above but am not able to access as I am not a researcher myself.



Good morning. Sure. Here it is. I was hoping to repeat the experiment as I only did it twice. But with lockdown its difficult.

Its not yet in a paper format, but rather the results in its raw format. The advantage over the Harvard study of 2017 that I think my method has, is that both lectures are exactly comparable in content, format, lecturer, and the only variable is really the platform.

This is the description:

I conducted an experiment at my university college. I presented a 12 minute basic economics lesson to 80 foundation students, which I did not know before. I presented this lesson with PPT. Two days later I presented the exactly same lesson, with same graphs, images, text font and sizes and colors to another different batch of 75 students, who I did also not know. Both classes were conducted on a regular weekday afternoon, I made sure to have an identical appearance and to make the lectures as similar as possible, with the only exception of using a different presentation tool. After finishing both lessons, the students filled out a typical class assessment survey, stating if the lecture was of high quality, the lecturer was knowledgeable, the lesson was enjoyable, if innovative tools were used and whether they would recommend the lecture to other students. The survey allowed to grade every aspect of the lecture by a scale from 0 (lowest) to 7 (highest). The graph presents the average grading of the survey by the audience. The result is surprisingly clear. Prezi delivers a much more enjoyable learning experience and the lecturer even appears smarter to the audience. Students are more likely to recommend the Prezi lecture by 15%.

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Hi Pat,

thank you for your email. I prefer to use this email currently, as I am sometimes having trouble with the office email system due to uni IT services on reduced watch.

Happy to hear Prezi brought out a video conferencing platform. Will check it out when I have some time.

Concerning your educators: where to they interact? Is there a platform/blog/digital network where I could hook on to share the results? I would love to bring the research out, but in an interactive way so that a constructive discussion can take place. Researchgate would offer this, but maybe your researchers dont have accounts there.

Regards and stay safe


Hi Daniel:

Pat Kirtland here, from the Prezi EDU team. I found your email
address on

I am writing you with two questions:

  1. Would you be interested in working with us to
    share your research results with our education users? I think both
    our Higher-Ed and K-12 educators would find it interesting.
  2. You mentioned in your reply to me that you are in
    lockdown. Have you tried Prezi Video? It’s an easy to use
    video-based online learning tool that puts educators and their content
    (Prezi) together on screen, similar to a newscast. We launched the product
    in January and are seeing tremendous uptake from educators due to the
    urgent need to shift from a physical to an online learning
    environment. We support both recording/asynchronous scenarios, as
    well as livesteam via videoconferencing providers like Zoom, WebEx,
    Google, et al.

To learn more:

We think that Prezi Video improves on the
standard lecture experience offered through videoconferencing tools.
Feedback from educators suggests it helps them maintain a human connection to
their students in an online world. If you get a chance to try it, I would
love to hear what you think.

Stay well and please do let me know if you
would be willing to work with us to let other educators know about your



Hi Daniel:

Unfortunately we do not currently offer an online forum where educators can interact with one another directly.

If you’d like to engage Prezi educators with your research, I’d encourage you to publish a Prezi or Prezi Video on the subject. In it you could point viewers to the forum of your choice for feedback and discussion. Perhaps this is Researchgate, although I doubt many of the teachers using Prezi have accounts.

Let me know if you decide to create a Prezi Video on your research. We could feature it in a blog post, perhaps in conjunction with Paul Teske, PhD. Paul is our Teacher-in-Residence here at Prezi.


Sure, I will try to do that. Would be a neat way to get in touch with Prezi video.
I’ll keep you updated.


When I click on make new video it just brings me to my old dashboard… I guess you guys still need to debug some things on the Prezi Video before I can start using.
Will wait a bit.


Hey @daniel.borer12 can you try to adjust the Dashboard view from Prezi Classic to Prezi Next? You should be able to see Prezi Video there - just click on the downward pointing button next to the Prezi logo in the top left corner.

Prezi Video is currently available if you’re using Prezi Next.

Let us know if you still can’t access it!

Thank you. Now it worked. Yesterday truly something else came up. I tried it, it’s great, it’s simple and I definitely will use it. But it doesn’t allow to show the screen if I want to change from images or use a presentation. So, unless you have an additional physical screen next to you, it’s not as useful for academic/educational purposes as other solutions around. But maybe you guys are working on that? That would be really great.
Regards and stay safe

Dr. Daniel

For showing the screen I would recommend using a conference app such as Webex or Zoom and sharing the screen - while using Prezi Video, you would only see the app on the screen. You can read more about live streaming here.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: