Accesing to with Safari suggests to use Chrome

I use to use Prezi Classic desktop App in my Mac (MacOs Movaje 10.14.6) and as recently the app do not allow you to share your prezi with others, I have to go to Web version of Prezi (with Safari) and from there to share the presentation (not fair but no way other solution)

Today I am doing the same but I receive a warning error: indicating that with Safari I will not be able to insert files to my Prezi, and it suggests to use Chrome. Why such change?

Chrome is the worst browser for Mac compared to Safari or Firefox. It sounds to me not fair such comment.

I will appreacite any comment about that.


Hi @Juan_A_Bertolin, thank you for letting us know about this. We already forwarded this feedback to our developers. Meanwhile, could you please let me know what Safari version do you have? Kind regards.

Hi @Kata, my Safari version is 12.1.2 (14607.3.9)


Hi @Juan_A_Bertolin, thank you for the quick response. With this version, you can just ignore the message and edit your presentation. We already contacted our developers and hopefully, the error message will be taken down soon. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.