Accessibility Concerns for Prezi

I’m using Prezi to present at a conference on disability access. I’ve seen several threads talking about how horrendous the text transcripts are, and my presentation is no different.

This brings me to my question: How accessible is Prezi? Is there any way other than recreating the presentation or hand-typing the transcript to get a correct copy of it?

I am not holding my breath on recreating the Prezi, after looking back on all of my presentations, none of my transcripts are correct.

It’s really not helpful. I understand your hands are tied and you’re mostly bound to ‘approved’ responses, but someone in the development side needs to listen to this. I’ve seen multiple threads over 3+ years about accessibility issues with no real solutions offered. Federally funded agencies are going to be bound to WCAG 2.0 AA compliance standards as of January 2018 , and without improvements, Prezi will be useless to universities not being compliant.