Accidentally deleted a prezi that was shared with me. Can it be recovered?

As the title of the post says, I’ve accidentally deleted a Prezi in which I was a coordinator (a friend of mine shared it with me). Is there a way to recover it? Please help me as much as you can

Ok. Get it!
Thank you very much for the attention Paul.
Next time I’ll surely do a copy before sharing with someone else.


Vera, I have a similar situation.  Someone on my team I shared my Prezi with deleted all the content of my Prezi, but the “shell” of it is still there.  Can you help me recover it since I didn’t delete it?  They said they used a CTRL A + Backspace which wiped out all the slides.

Hi guys can you please help me, I accidentally deleted my original  prezi versus the other one that I was working on can u guys help me! and I called to this number and he said in order to get my prezi I need to pay 100$ WHY???so expensive I’m a student?? this was numb. 855-558-2333??? and that will be great if you guys can make a system like a google that we can see our trashes?? not sending it to space??? :’( 

I accidentally deleted my account before saving my presentation. I copied the link and was about to save but accidenly deleted my account…

Presentation Link:

CFR Presentation

Econ Business Solutions

Is there any way I can retrieve it please :(((((((((((