Add more than one image at a time


Wondering if this is (still?) on the list of suggestions: it would be great to be able to add more than one image at a time (selecting 2+ files with Shift selection). Many times I have a group of photos to add simultaneously, in the 4-6 range, and it gets tiresome to have to click the Add Image, select file, watch it load, and repeat that same process multiple times. Adding together would simplify my work greatly. Would LOVE if this was an option!!


Thanks for sharing, @Plastic_Ingenuity, I like the idea.


18 months later and nothing happened… loading one image at a time with a slower www connection takes forever and I have about 100 in my presentation.
Quite unprofessional.
In this vein… I don’t get it why Prezi (finally!) went to HTML5 but its still not possible to edit Prezis on mobile devices, especially ipads. You exclude a lot of potential customers.


@a_h The multiple image add is possible, just not in the way I was expecting- you still can’t shift+click from the menu after you hit “add image” but you CAN select multiple items from a window and just drag/drop instead. Different than what I was expecting & requires sep windows to be open, but still an option to look into as needed.

I think there are a couple posts about it, maybe they can be merged…