Add personal dictionary elements to spell checker

Next step, can we add the ability to compile words into a personal dictionary so it doesn’t highlight commonly used “odd” words (such as city names, manufacturing terms that aren’t as recognizable, etc.)

@Plastic_Ingenuity I’ve created a separate feature request out of your idea, thanks for sharing!

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How can a software product add a dictionary feature and not allow words to be added (and removed)? All other applications that have dictionaries allow me to modify the lists. Without this feature presentations are pepper with false negatives (red underlines) of misspelled words for those words that cannot be add to the dictionary. In turn, this can cause authors to miss real Ms. Spellings when there truly is a problem.

A coordination with Grammarly would be ideal rather than reinvesting the wheel.

Feature request was way back in 2018. I wish Prezi would spend more resources on cleaning up existing features and performance rather than add new business ventures like Prezi Video.

Hello @JJ_JJ, this feature is currently being developed, and as soon as we have any news we’ll share it in this thread :slight_smile:

so how is it going? since we are closing in on 3 years of nothing happening. Could you atleast add a “ignore this word” funktion?
As you can tell by now my english really needs a proper spellchecking

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Hello @Fabian_Hansen, thanks for sharing your feedback with us, we’ll pass it to our Product team and get back to you once we have any developments!

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Thank Goodness Covid is over and we can get back to work. Any word on being able to ignore correctly spelled words without disabling spellcheck for the entire project?

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Any new information about when this feature will be available?

Hello @Imara_van_Dinten,

Thanks for your feedback and the feature request. Unfortunately, we will not be building this feature in the near future. We wish we could do it all, but since 2020 and the COVID pandemic we are fully focused on making the Prezi Video experience as good as possible and have to prioritise feature development and product improvements accordingly.

We’re happy to revisit this request with you after our resources have become available again and I’ve made sure that your feedback has been recorded and passed onto the team that works on feature prioritisation.