Add Prezi to existing pre-recorded video

Hi - I have an existing video that I would like to add or overlay a Prezi presentation.
For example, the subject is explaining a concept in the video, and I’d like to use Prezi to add graphics to the slide for certain points (timed with the presenter).

I cannot find any feature that would allow me to do this. Has anyone tried, and if not a feature, then any ideas for workarounds?



Hi @Quoc_Tran, this is currently not possible. You can only use your own camera to record a new video with your Prezi content on the screen.
I’ll forward your feedback to our product team.

Thank you - that would be great to have and I would think it is (relatively) easy to do.

The use case is a pre-recorded discussion that we want to add some additional slides/graphics before uploading as evergreen content.


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Hi @Quoc_Tran, thanks for the detailed use case, we will update this thread if we have any news.

And what I would like to do is just record the video portion via Prezi straight through without having to change the slides for a more natural conversation. Then my graphics team could go in and add appropriate visuals to support what I am saying, perhaps even update data at a later time as needed without having to rerecord. Can that happen now or soon?

Hi @smcclain, could you please elaborate on the first part of your comment?
I’m not quite sure I understand what you mean by “without having to change the slides”.

This approach of using a pre-recorded video in Prezi is not on our roadmap yet, but I will forward your feedback to our product team.

perhaps I don’t understand the Prezi video model yet myself, but if I want to talk and have different slides/images/words appear on screen while I am talking, I have to have those preset and change them as I am speaking - correct? What I want to do is speak and record it straight through via Prezi, then add the visual support afterward.


Hi @smcclain, yes, in case you record or live-stream your presentation via Prezi it means that you prepare the content beforehand, which you can control during your recording or live stream event.

I understand what you mean, that use case, however, is not in Prezi’s scope at the moment. I will forward your feedback to our product team.

Yes! I am looking for the exact same feature: " an existing video that you can upload and add overlay a Prezi presentation"!

Hi @Anna_Zadelhoff, thanks for your feedback, I’m going to forward that to our product team.

My use case is that the default camera & mic in my 2016 Macbook pro is relatively low quality. I’d like to film using a higher quality camera and microphone, then overlay that video with Prezi. Alternatively if there was some way to export the a recording of the graphics with a clear background, like how .png’s work but with video, then I could simply add that video over my filmed video using iMovie or ScreenFlow

Hi @Deven_Nemer, you should be able to use an external camera and microphone connected to your device to record your Prezi Video.
Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to add your graphics to pre-recorded video.

Hello, I want to open a previously recorded video in the Prezi Video app to present this video in a videoconference. How does it works?
What I allready tried: “To access your previously recorded videos, open your Prezi Video online dashboard. Click the dropdown in a thumbnail preview and select Video conferencing . This will open the video directly in the Prezi Video desktop app.”
What happens: The presentation was opened but not the previously recorded video.
Thanks for your help.

Hello @Annekatrin_Veit, I merged your post with the relevant thread.

Currently it’s not possible to do so, you can only use your own camera to record a new video or share it in a videoconference, with your Prezi content on the screen.

It’s possible to play embedded videos in Prezi Video, so you can insert them in a presentation and then select the option “Advanced create” to convert it to video.

Hope this could bring more clarity!

Has this been solved yet? I am searching for a platform that can do this.

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Hello @Janice_Reeves, it’s not possible to do so in Prezi Video, but we’ll forward your request to our Product team and update this thread if there are any developments.

I uploaded my first video to the Prezi site, but then I edited it more using the desktop app. I saved the new version on my device first, thinking I could then also upload it (replace the old version). But now I can’t find a way to export/upload it (replace the old version with the new version online). Is this possible?

Hello @Gerry_Yokota, as you have chosen to exclusively download the video in your computer, the file has been saved in mp4 format, and it’s no longer possible to upload it to Prezi.

To avoid this in the future, I can recommend you to save a draft of your video when you finishing to add the content. You can do so by closing the application, as explained here.

When reopening the app, you will be able to see the draft on the right side, select it and continue to further edit, record and upload it, if you wish. This way, you can guarantee that the content remains inside the platform.

Hope this could help! :slight_smile:

Thank you. It was not clear from the screen that this was a one-time-only either-or choice. It might save a lot of people a lot of grief if you could just add the word “Only” to the “Download” button.

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@Gerry_Yokota thanks a lot for the recommendation, we’ll make sure to transmit to our Product team!