Add Superscript and Subscript capablitlies


I’m using Prezi with my secondary school, and almost all teachers and students are now on board except for the science and math teachers. Their complaint is that until they can actually build a formula or equation in a Prezi box, that it would be not useful for them.

This is a great idea…could you create a new font to do this? Better yet, make every font now capable of handling subscript and superscript.

Hi there,

You can create a new text box, write the super / sub script, and scale it down using the zebra.


The other option is to build the equation externally and save it as a .png file. From there, you can import it to a Prezi.

Thanks for your reply with great advice, Nicholas.

Alanna, saving the file as a PNG gives you the option to insert it with a transparent background, so the background has the same background as your prezi. However, I still feel that simply creating another text box, scaling the number down by pressing the “-” button a few times, is a quick solution for the math teachers.


Another option (for those of you that might not have their own equation editors is to use an online equation editor and then save it as a .png. The one that I’ve linked uses LaTeX to build equations and has the option to export with transparency.

That’s a way to get all your funky symbols in there.

Is this issue still not resolved. It seems that basic superscript/subscript capability is not such a difficult feature to add, and would be very useful for any science or math teaching wanting to use prezi. Creating two text boxes is a solution, but it is not an elegant solution. And when you are working with many equations and chemical formulas, it becomes tedious work.
Could you please let me know if anything is being done to resolve this?

Some of the superscript features are built into my operating system.  I’m using windows.  You just need to memorize the shortcut keys for the super/subscript. For example the
° symbol is inserted into PREZI using Alt+0176 
3 is Alt+0179
2 is Alt+0178

Not all equation symbols will have a shortcut that works directly in prezi though.  If i run up against that, I copy paste an equation from a word processor document directly into Prezi without many issues.

The big problem with this “fix” is that the text has to be linear.  I can’t stack numbers in an equation. Those have to be pieced together.

It doesn’t solve the issue but its a 50% solution.  For most people it will work just fine.

I usually use LaTeXiT on my mac, and then import the images into Prezi.  Works nicely for equations, which nothing does as well as LaTex, but it seems like basic sub and superscripts are not that much to ask as a built in feature.

I think it a shame that Prezi cannot resolve this problem, and if you want to enter square metres or water (H2O) or just superscript author affiliations, they offer tedious round work. Prezi should notice that it is a very common and basic problem.

It seems like it is not resolved issue and it is problematic one. 
I am chemist and I wanted to use prezi in my PhD presentation and it is impossible due to lack of  sub- and superscripts which are crucial in my field of research. I can’t use the formula from math equations software too, so it is not a solution. Off course most of reaction can be inserted as pictures but it is not enough for whole presentation. 
As all people here I think it would be great to add sub and superscripts after so long time to Prezi text formatting options. 


I have just started using Prezi as a replacement for PowerPoint. However, the lack of any direct support for super/sub-scripts, let alone equations, means that I am going to have to go back to PowerPoint.

As an engineer, there features are essential in presentation software.

What concerns me is that this issue was raised here 4 years ago. Why has the feature not been added to the program since then?

I got around it relatively easily, by making a new text box for each subscript. I can see why it would be tedious , though.
Which brings up, can we have an option to turn off the guidance/locking lines? It makes it very difficult to work in a small space.

5 years and still no super / subscript, and I’m still getting e-mails from you asking me to help you promote Prezi at my university? Could you in all decency give us a timeline for implementation of at least some very basic scientific typesetting, or admitting that you are not at all considering to do so and that you market focus is on business or not scientific domains?  

I totally agree with this request. I have decided NOT to use Prezzi for my classroom training or public courses/presntations because of the lack of something as basic as subscript/superscript support. I present to large groups of leading civil and structural engineers all over Europe. The use of Prezzi would be a considerable promotion of the software - is Prezzi not interested in attracting these people?

With all due respect, you make the super- and subscript feature like a rocket science which adds an insult to injury

I do not want to be forced to use a workaround to overcome such a basic omission. Since Prezi (the company) shows no intention of addressing this issue, I have cancelled my subscription to Prezi (the software). Your loss.

Poor Vera. 

I checked out Prezi two years ago when I began my graduate degree, but had to stick with alternatives that could type sub/superscripts. I came back today thinking that, surely, they’d have sub/superscript capability by now.

Unfortunately, still no dice. It’s a bummer. I want to use Prezi, but the workarounds aren’t worth it for those of us whose presentations are full of subscripts and superscripts.

Seems like I’ll have my degree before Prezi has subscripts.

So more than 2 years later, still no super/subscript on Prezi, event on the Next version. Any idea on when it’ll be implemented? I want to write chemical formula and subscript are very important to do that.