Add Thumbnails for Zoom Areas in Animations


There is a lot of discussion on missing the infinite canvas & adding frames more creatively (not set bubbles). One workaround that has been suggested involves using a single level, such as the Overview, and creating multiple Zoom Areas to act like frames. However, these frames only show up in the Animations menu as “line items” (it just says Zoom to Area, there’s no indication of what/where/etc.) & as such are more difficult to keep track of. I’d like to propose adding an option to include these frames in a more detailed Outline. Maybe expanding the Animations menu to include the frame view (much like how it would have appeared in Classic), so that you can manage frame order & content more easily.

Stop zooming out to the 'overview' page?
Edit the path as in Prezi Classic

Thank you for the suggestion, @Plastic_Ingenuity!


I edited the title to more clearly indicate by “outline” I mean sequenced thumbnails (not a physical box outline) in case the larger group was not understanding just by browsing the title alone…