Added Function in My Library - Naming for Sorting

As I’m using the “My Library” favorites tool more, I have a couple stumbling blocks I’d love to make suggestions on, please:

  1. NAMING: Would it be possible to allow for the naming of our favorites? Like a thumbnail title? The reason I’m asking is because I have a few videos that are all black screen to start, so if I add them all to my library, they look exactly the same. It would be very helpful if I could hover my mouse over them and see which one is which, without needing to add them into the presentation first to check. Minimal character requirement. Or maybe it’s a note that shows up when you click the edit pencil (it could show up along with the added date). I think videos are the only assets I can come up with having this issue so far?
  2. SORTING: That said, if naming does become possible, I could see it helping with this next point- Would it be possible to sort or search our library contents at some point in the future? As my library grows, it would be helpful to be able to type in a keyword to sort, so I don’t have to scroll forever to find a certain icon. Obviously Prezi would need to know what the contents are first, so that’s why adding the option to give each asset a “title” when you add it could prove beneficial. The sorting would be dependent upon the names you assign when adding. (And it could be completely voluntary so if you choose not to name, you aren’t forced to do so.)

Hopefully this can be passed along for development! Thanks.

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Hello @Plastic_Ingenuity, thank you so much for your valuable feedback, we’ll make sure to transmit it to our Product team :slight_smile:

Happy holidays!


Any chance we can revisit this? With the merge of Classic and Next assets, I have SOOOO many library items to weed through. I’d love the option to tag items according to subject matter so that I can search & find more quickly! (I know searching by type of asset is already in place, but that’s regretfully not quite enough for my purposes long-term.)

Thanks for raising this matter again @Plastic_Ingenuity, our product manager for the Library feature is currently checking how to improve the Library search inside the editor, and hopefully soon we’ll have some good news to share with you :slight_smile: