Adding 2FA or risk-based authentication

I noticed that Prezi doesn’t support 2FA and was wondering if you’d consider adding it to make accounts more secure.

If not 2FA, I’ve heard of risk-based authentication where suspicious logins (e.g., if a user typically logs in from Chrome in the United States, and suddenly someone tries to log in from Firefox somewhere in Europe) are automatically blocked by requiring an OTP that was sent to the account owner’s email, regardless of whether the user has opted into MFA.

Is this something you would consider adding? And if not, why? I’m not sure of the realities of implementing such features and would like to know more.

Hi @ISEC_Lab, thanks for your detailed request for 2FA.

While we do not offer these at the moment, I will make sure to forward your question to our developers.

Hi Prezi!

Since Next does not offer an offline option to store your presentations (as compared to Prezi Classic), 2FA will become very important. Passwords are simply not enough to protect your presentations. Is there a timeline to implement this feature?



Hello @Erik, there is no timeline we could share about this feature. Your feedback has been forwarded to our product team.