Adding a topic without zooming in?

My team is using the template of social media. In the center we want to add a circle and have out title in there but it links to the others and we don’t want it to be a part of the presentation/ I hope I am making sense. In the middle we have the title Focus Question. when we go to presentation mode it starts at Engagment, Systems, Methods, Focus Question, Action Plan and then Summary how do we get it so it doesn’t go to Focus question and just go from Methods to Action Plan? Also can Prezi have auto prestation mode where we don’t have to click the arrows to proceed to next screen?


Hi @Annette_Weger, let me see if I understand correctly.

  1. If you want the Focus Question part just be there as a title and not zoom to the topic, then I recommend adding a red circle shape to the middle. You can see me doing the same here.

  2. You can change the order of your topics on the left sidebar by dragging them. You can see doing it here. If you add the Focus Question part as a shape, then the presentation won’t zoom to this part. (Unless you add a zoom area on top of it.)

  3. With a Plus subscription, you can play your presentation automatically. Please check this article about Autoplay and let us know if you have any further questions.