Adding appearance effects and camera control

You should definitely allow items to appear on the show during a presentation. Right now it starts off where everything is already there and you’re simply moving from item to item, you should allow fade appearances, fly-in appearances, etc (things where objects come out of nowhere). Also, you should allow more camera control. Instead of just telling the camera “go here”, you should be able to tell it how (whether you want to spin over there, go up then dive, or create your own path), after how much time (if a delay is desired), etc.

Thanks for posting this idea.

It would also be cool, if you could set a visibility setting for a range of zoom levels.
Currently, you have to make elements very small to hide them in the view. Thus you need to zoom in very deep to reveal them which may make your audience sick.
If there way a zoom range based fade-in/fade-out mechanism, you could achieve the same effect by zooming only in smal steps.

And it will be also cool if the fly in, or appear would occur specific time to a path point in a presentation. E.g. 1 sec after coming to point 5, because when u insert a point before it will break the animation.

And it will be cool if you add some movement/effects like shaking or bouncing to the objects. And some effects to text, like writing the text or so… Look at this… . But prezi now is also cool:)

In context to the above discussion that happened 8 months back, has any update been done in prezi to add animation effects?

No, sorry. One of our clever users put together some custom Flash objects that might interest you though:…

“You should definitely allow items to appear on the show during a presentation. … you should allow fade appearances”

I couldn’t agree more with this comment. It is the only thing stopping me from using Prezi ALL the time please work on this.

Strong +1 cf. “ allow items to appear on the show during a presentation”, even basic. Thx!

any development on this, please??

+1 any developments?

I have stopped using Prezi now because I cannot make images appear as required during presentations. I’m not talking about fancy fade in, fly in, checker in effects just a nice a simple appear. Sometime you don’t want all the relevant text to be visible at once as people tend to not listen and read ahead. If you use zooming to solve this problem it becomes excessive. Please work on this.