Adding audio files

I uploaded audio files to my Prezi and want to create a video with them as the voiceover but whenever I go to record a video, the audio files I’ve imported don’t play. Why is this?

My prezi has animations that need to sync with the audio and the Prezi needs to be a video. Is there a way to do this inside Prezi? Otherwise the only option would be to record a video and play back the audio files from another device so they’re on there.

Having the audio files included in the video is the best option for us because it allows us to perfect and adjust the audio. The prezi is for our internal and external stakeholders so it has to be really well done.

Hello @GRDC_IMF, currently, embedded audio and video files will not play in Prezi Video as they are not supported yet, but our developers are aware of this request and it’s under discussion :slight_smile:

The workaround you found can definitely work, but as you mentioned it might have certain quality and sync issues. Another solution could also be to download your video and then use an external video editor to add those audio files, once there you will be able to be more precise and the files with much higher quality.

Hope this could help!

I also have the very urgent need to have this feature work–the professional prerecorded voice over files must be able to be played back with my video and saved/exported and eventually embedded. The CEO flipped out with excitement that this can be achieved and loved the whole demo over my shoulder at my desk. Now I’m trying to record and export—and under deadline—and I need this feature to exist. How close is this to a reality? Thanks, Patti

Hello @Patti_Burrows, this feature is still being discussed by our Product and development team, we are still not able to provide any details about the implementation.

For now, I can only recommend the workaround in my previous reply :slight_smile:

When I uploaded music onto the Prezi website, the music plays when I test it. When I use the desktop app and get to the slide where the music should play after I import the prezi file, it does not. Any help on this?

Hi @James_Kang, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.

Could you check the answers above? :slight_smile: