Adding audio to Prezi



I have a presentation that was made for a client that I am using as a training aid across their company. Once completed, the question has come up as to how to continue the training in a one-off for new hires or small group retraining. I would like to offer the presentation to them in a way where I would not be needed, so adding audio would be ideal.

Is it possible to add audio to a Prezi presentation, and as the audio progresses the screen progresses to the audio? If that is possible, once completed can I use Prezi as the source or do I need to download it to another medium such as YouTube?

Thanks for any input and/or suggestions.



Hello, @Tom_Grogan.

You can add an audio to a presentation and you would not need to make a video out of it.

Please see our response in this thread.

We’d like to update you that the voice-over feature has been implemented. You can add sound files to your topics and subtopics (but not to the overview), this way your audience can watch your presentation even without the presence of a presenter.
Adding audio is available for users with a Plus or above license type. For further details on how to insert an audio file into your presentation, please check this article in our Knowledge Base.

Please let me know if you need any further assistance!