Adding background music in Prezi Next



Is it possible to add background music?


That is what we thought Prezi was doing when they said that they were adding the “music” feature like they have in Classic. CLEARLY, we were wrong. It may be another year to get this request moved on . . . . :frowning:


For the time being, it’s not possible with the current audio feature, but our product team regularly researches other possibilities how it could be expanded.


This seems like a fairly basic feature. Now I have bought Prezi Next I am finding more and more that it can’t do. It’s disappointing. Instead of the standard support response can you give a timeframe for implementation of this feature?


Hi @Vanda just think please, how difficult it is to add a background music feature! I mean this is possibly one of the most common and used feature in any presentation. If you want to showcase your presentation in a continuous loop this is a very needed feature. Right now I don’t see any change in prezi next from its inception till now except may be adding spellchecker. Probably right now the question is, are you really working towards its development or something else is going on?



@Prezi_Video, I am afraid we are not able to disclose our roadmap. However, as soon as we have any updates on the feature, we’ll make sure to post them here.


I hope it will be before my next renewal date along with autoplay and looping autoplay otherwise I will not be able to renew.