Adding backgrounds in Prezi Next

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Any ideas how to keep the same quality resolution of the imported background that Classic gives you? My background which looks wonderful in Classic is fuzzy in Next and it is the same file. Vanda says that it is currently not possible to have the same quality. . . maybe you have found a workaround? I wanted to recreate our Classic Prezis, but with the lack of background quality, not able to. Why use Next now? :frowning:

Hi RobinsNest_Pro

Unfortunately I have yet to find a way to get the same resolution! We’re always looking for tips and tricks here in the office and will be sure to post here when we find one! If you happen to find out, i’d love to hear about it!


Yeah, that seems to be the answer to every problem we have had with Next. It is getting very frustrating. We will continue to figure out workarounds, but we have presentations to build, not fight with new tech that no longer works. So sad. :frowning: Will post the answer if we find a way. :slight_smile:

I think pdf files have great quality & smaller sizes but the issue id the background is not supporting pdf files … it keeps uploading !!!

Hi Ahmad!

I’ve tired the PDF and yes, it doesn’t work as a background sadly :frowning: I’m not sure if they compress the background images thus loosing quality!

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Since the background of a prezi has a certain resolution, this becomes a blurry background in planet subtopics.
I’m trying to add a big single coloured rectangle in the background of a subtopic, to hide the ugly unsharp background (which is nice and clear at the main page where it has a clear function) … but i can’t put this image fullscreen …
in stack slides i can, but in planet slides, the edge of the slide keeps moving, leaving always a small section where the background comes through … is there a way to fix this? circumvent this?

@Paul_Naveau We are aware of this behaviour of the editor which is due to the fact that even though in case of stack the view border is fixed, in planet style topics this view border will be flexible so that objects don’t accidentally get “thrown out” of the topic.

As I workaround I can recommend you to crop your image to a circular shape and cover your planet with it. This will result in a more aesthetic outlook and you will also be able to zoom into this circle to fill the full screen.

However, I have forwarded this observation to our development team for further consideration and will post an update here in case this feature is being modified.

Hello Agnes,
Thank you for your reply,
but cropping my image will certainly not hide the unsharp background image from the main page of the Prezi… but show even more of it.

And yes i can use a zoom area to zoom in a bit as soon as I’ve arrived on a page with a planet topic, zooming in far enough to hide the part of the background that I couldn’t cover … but this is stil clumsy, requires an extra click (because the steps cannot be automated like they can in PowerPoint/Keynote) and simply is not professional. Viewers will see this.

This brings me to a suggestion to improve Prezi next that will give users a lot of other extra options to be creative and make beautiful things that today can only be made in Prezi Classic.

Add the option to insert a special zoom area that can be added to a topic and will be visited automatically when arriving at the topic, I mean: a zoom area as the first animation that is the starting point of a topic.

@Bart I have a doubt:
How to add a new background to Presi


Hi @Roshan_Raju, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.

You should be able to change the background from the Style - Background menu.
Hope this helps!