Adding collaborator in Prezi Next

I am trying to collaborate on a project and I keep on getting the error “Could not add collaborator. Please try again.”. I tried adding a collabroator through classic and it works fine. Is there a way that I can correct this issue? I am currently using an education account, do I need to have a paid account?

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Could you please specify if the presentation you want to share is created with Prezi Next? Does it happen with all the Prezi Next presentations or just a specific one?

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I found the solution to the problem. You can only currently add an email account that has an active prezi account. Thanks for the help!

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That’s correct, @James_Morrallee. You can only invite Prezi account holders to collaborate with at this time.

Thank you to everyone that has responded. I had this same question. Very helpful!

Do you have to have the premium version in order to collaborate?

@QiShaun_Coyle No, the collaboration feature is available with all Prezi Next license types. For further details, please check this article.

I expected the Prezi EDU version to have the possibility to add collaborators, since you know… Uni requires group work. Kinda disappointing, back to google docs I go.

@lola_vierse all Prezi Next license holders should be able to add collaborators. Please check our suggestions above what can cause the issue.

Can I suggest maybe to have the option to add someone by email and if they dont have prezi it still sends the email with a link to create an account.

Thanks, @lola_vierse, we’ve taken note!

Hello! I know that I have a standard edu plan. Nevertheless, I am trying to add some collaborators to my prezi presentation and the same message keep showing up : “Could not add collaborator. Please try again.” Can you please help me?
Thank you.

Hello @Jorge_Conde Please note that collaborators need a Prezi Next license to be able to edit or view a presentation. It can be a free Public license as well.

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Thank you so much for your reply! So, in this case I need to add my colleague’s registration e-mail?

@Jorge_Conde You are welcome! Yes, if your colleague registers with you should add the same e-mail address when inviting him/her as a collaborator.

Thank you for your help! Much appreciated! All the best!

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I just started my first Prezi and I want to share it with my team. I using the edu standard version and I thought I can do it with that one.
When I insert the email address it just doesn’t work and they tell me: “sorry it doesn’t work, please try later”! Has anyone any experience with that kind of problem?

Thanks !!!

Do you try to add them as collaborators? In case yes, could you please make sure they already have registered accounts?

yes I wanna add new collaborators

you where right, they weren’t registered … thank you :smile:

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