Adding "fake" topics and subtopics to spice up the default animations


In some cases, when you would like to create a moodboard-like presentation where you would like to see all your content mapped out in the overview, or when you would like to move away from the standard overview-topic-subtopic-overview structure, you might need an alternative solution to planets and stacks.

For these scenarios it might be worth considering using the so-called “fake” topics and subtopics aka circles or any others shapes, which you cannot zoom into, but can easily zoom to in case you would like to highlight any content placed on them.

Please check the following presentation to see how these “fake” topics and subtopics can be used and see the animations added below:

Animations used in the overview:

Animations used in Topic 1:

Animations used in Topic 2:

Let us know if you have any questions regarding this workaround.

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This is great! Also a good reminder about rotation, I haven’t used that in a while.


Good stuff! We have been trying to do things like this. We use rotation still even with Next. It just has to be subtle or you will get your audience sick, which may be one reason why Next was “created”. I made a Next as an experiment and you can get people just as sick with Next. It is the responsibility of the designer, not the program. :slight_smile:

Our problem with this example is the background cannot be a PDF and that makes the background look terrible. Yours is not that bad because it is not very colorful and you do not zoom in on it very much, but when you have lots of colors and you need to zoom in, it does not work. It would be GREAT if you made backgrounds PDF friendly!