Adding infographics to your presentations #1

If you like your data visualised, look no further (unless you’re looking at these 15 data visualization tips!). With Prezi you can add multiple types of charts and customize them. We will look at a couple of basic ones and at how they can be inserted in a presentation.

This example presentation does not have any topics, only zoom areas are used, and one of them is used as a starting point:[0429866918b281cb75bb92cba2810873]_Image%202018-07-19%20at%202.06.27%20PM.png

Because we only work in the overview, it’s useful to zoom into the area on which you’re working (here I’m using a mouse, and zoom in and out through scrolling):

After you have inserted your chart, you can choose to edit the data and/or the appearance of it. With the first chart we wanted to show which countries have the biggest amount of dogs, therefore we opted for the Grouped type of chart that displays all the countries on the left.

For the other chart, as it shows breed distribution, we chose a Pie chart with callout name and percentage shown.

Stay tuned for our next post about infographics!

To see the fulll presentation, please click here.

Note: Please know that inserting charts in Prezi Next is available for users with a Plus or higher Prezi Next plan.