Adding infographics to your presentations #2

In the second installment of our data visualisation posts (check out the first one if you’ve missed it!), we are showcasing two comparative charts and a gauge scale.

The example presentation which is inspired by’s listening reports, has three topics and each one displays a different chart.

The first one shows three different values next to each other.

To give you a better look, we also show the data table:

The second chart has a similar function but it shows two values and they are shown as areas as opposed to columns.

Data table:

And last but not least, the gauge.

The infographic itself is simple, however, it could be useful to check the data table if you want to recreate it:

More on infographics to follow!

To see the fulll presentation, please click here.

Note: Please know that inserting charts in Prezi Next is available for users with a Plus or higher Prezi Next plan.

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