Adding Music

In prezi you can already add youtube videos, but if we could add music it would make the presentation interesting. Like there should be an option saying if you want to add music. If you say yes then a list of music comes up ( e.g jazz, rock, etc). You click one and then the music automatically plays in your prestation. Or for each number ( for the presentation path), you can have different music.

Hi All,

There are two ways to insert music/audio to prezi:

You can insert music as a background for the whole prezi
Or you can  insert voice over to each path step or the path steps you choose from.

In order to do that we have a great step-by-step article with screenshots that can help you out:
Hope it helps!

i dont get it

Hi Holly,

You can insert sound to your prezi, in two different ways, this video might help you understand:

Hope it helps.