Adding new subtopic format change?

In the past, adding a new subtopic was very simple and when I clicked add topic, it automatically added a circle on the right side of my main circle. All of a sudden, when I choose “add topic” I get a panel with numerous format choices. Ultimately, I want to add new circles that open up exactly as the original circle, centered on the screen. Instead, it is opening as a rectangle that spans a portion of the present circle and then adds additional subtopics. The remainder of the present circle is grey-ed out. How do I get back to the old format. I am adding to an older presentation, and the old portions are working as I’d like.

Hi @Rebecca_Saleman, if you click on the green “Topic” button, then you’ll be able to add the same circle topic shapes as before. If you click on the three dots next to Topic button, then it will open up a side panel, where you’ll be able to select a couple of different topic layouts.

I created a couple of screen videos for you, check this one and this one to see how you can add circle subtopics. I hope this helps!