Adding Planet subtopics to Page topics



I want to create a subtopic in my overview (it’s ok for that) and another subtopic on the subtopic by clicking on a picture I set on my 1st subtopic. I don’t see the answer in this thread…

I hope my question is understable.


I'd like to add new subtopics but I only see "add page"

What is supposed to cause this issue is that you once add a Stack type of subtopic, you will not be able to add Planet type of subtopics afterward.

In case it doesn’t help, could you please send a screenshot of your issue so I can check?


Here is a screen.

Sorry for hiding some things, but it’s for my work.

Thanks for your help


Hello, @Clement_Wx.

If I understood you correctly, I believe I can offer 2 options.

  1. To reveal content gradually, you can use Planet type topics with subtopics instead of Page topics as shown in this presentation. Then you can either go linearly or click on the subtopics in a different order (however, at the end linearity will remain).

  1. Alternatively as in this presentation, you can replace subtopics with shapes on which you can click, and in that case, it is completely controlled by you and there is no linearity whatsoever but the content will be visible at all times as opposed to the solution above.

If you do decide to change the topic format from Pages to Planets, you can just copy the content and restore the topics one by one while changing their format.

Please let me know if you need any further assistance.


Ohhhh you really helped me !

I did it thanks to you !

Thank you very much, continue like that ! :wink:



I am very glad to hear it :slight_smile:

Good luck with the presentation!