Adding sticky notes to the presentation (Sticky Notes template)


I can’t find how to add new post it notes (sticky notes) in the Sticky Notes template. If I add topics, they are round or square but do not look like a note. How do I edit how they look to match the rest? Thanks!


Go to a particular topic you like (I think there are 3 or 4 different sticky notes in the template to start, right?) and right-click to Edit Topic Cover. You can then select, and Copy & Paste the sticky note part to your next added topic. Or do these steps first & drag note to desired lcoation first, then add the topic on top. Hopefully this helps?


Thanks! I copied the shape & color. How do I change the color of the sticky note? I can only change the color of the slide.


It’s just a PNG (or similar) file, so to get other colors you’d have to incorporate other images. I’ve seen some that are downloadable if you do a google image search?


Got it. Thx!