Adjust leading, indents and paragraph spacing


Is there any way to adjust leading, indents and paragraph spacing in Prezi Next?


You can edit a text’s font, size, style, color, and alignment using the context toolbar.

Leading, indents and paragraph spacing are currently not among our text formatting features, but we’ll pass this request on to our Product Managers.


FAO. Prezi support: I had the same question. Just to add that it would be immensely useful to me to be able to adjust paragraph and/or line spacing. If that’s too much work, even if the default paragraph spacing for bulleted lists was slightly larger (like 1.5), that would be a massive improvement. Many thanks!


It’s a workaround, but I will sometimes just create different text “boxes” so I can then create my own manual indented depth, or distance between paragraphs. Also helps if I want that text to fade in at different times, so there’s that…


Does anyone know how to control bullet indentation in Prezi? I have one text box where the bullets indent way to far and its driving me crazy.


The distance between the bullet points in a text box is not customizable, I’m afraid.

As a workaround, you could place the bullet points in different text boxes and set the distance between these boxes manually.


we don’t need work arounds… but solutions to control it :slight_smile: Thaks :slight_smile:


I’ll be honest. Prezi is useless to any serious designers if you can’t perform these simple and fundamental adjustments to layout. Tracking/kerning and leading are requisite. No grouping?! No snapping to standard angles when holding shift? Sheesh. My clients are dropping this tool because it lacks the refining tools necessary to create beautiful and pixel perfect solutions. Until they’re added, mass adoption of Prezi will never occur.