Adjust size of all elements at once


I have created a shape that contains many other shapes and text. I want to change the size of the entire group but dont want to have to adjust the size of each separate component. I thought this was doable by adjusting the frame that surrounds all the components. But not sure how to enclose all the elements in a frame. How do I frame the entire group and can I then adjust the size of the entire group by simply adjusting the size of the frame?


si mantenes apretada la tecla shift mientras seleccionas los elementos, podes selecionar varios a la vez y modificarlos al mismo tiempo, sino podes hacer un marco y meterlos a todos ahi (ya sea porque pones el marco encima y que los contenga a todos o cuando los selecciones a todos con shift, podes arrastrarlos hasta donde esta el marco y éste se resalta para indicar que si sueltas las cosas ahi, se meteran dentro del marco y así siempre podrás editarlo ajustando el marco directamente

if you keep the shift key pressed while selecting the elements, you can select several at the same time and modify them at the same time, otherwise you can make a frame and put them all there (either because you put the frame on top and contain them all or when the select them all with shift, you can drag them to where the frame is and this is highlighted to indicate that if you release things there, they get inside the frame and you can always edit it by adjusting the frame directly


@Karen_Yeaton, what @sofia_de_Zavalia wrote is correct, you could just hold Shift when selecting the elements and then you can edit them as a group.


Thanks so much for the reply. Using the SHIFT key does not allow me to select all the elements


How do you create a FRAME?


@Karen_Yeaton, you can hold Shift and then, holding it, click on the objects one by one until you have all the ones that you would like to minimize. Please see a short example of minimizing a different amount of objects:

You can also select all of them by holding Shift and dragging the cursor over the once are that you would like to copy. Then you can paste the objects inside a topic that can later be copied too:

I hope this helps!