Adjustable fade-in time




I have a request. I’d like the fade in time to be variable - or (like in powerpoint) to be ‘instantaneous’ as a default. Now when I’m using the page format, it’s flickering when I am presenting, because it’s not loading all images at the same time. This means that parts of the image that I’ve hidden with a colored square (because there is no crop feature) are shown for a split second, which makes the transition look fuzzy (rather than smooth, which I’d guess is the intention here).

With the page feature, I also see the next page appear before the old page fades, which is also ugly.



I would also find different types & speeds of fades useful, great idea!!

And in the meantime, I’ve noticed on my computer that certain browsers are worse than others, so this isn’t a “fix” but I try to present out of my desktop app as much as possible since that seems to have the least amount of odd transition issues, followed by Chrome, then IE (which gets really bad). Not sure if you might experience similar & could test/use as a workaround as well, depending on your account set-up?