Adjusting shape of zoom areas

Hi all! How can I adjust the shape of a zoom area? It only seems to expand in the original rectangular shape but what do I do if I want it to be square shaped?

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The rectangular shape of the Zoom to area feature is non-adjustable, I’m afraid. It’s designed to enable users to get a closer look of an element but in the meantime it keeps the original ratio of the prezi.

Could you share some details how the square shape would be beneficial to you?

Ctrl+Alt will help you only to rotate the zoom area.

Sometime its really hard to fit in to the Rectangle , is there any other way to make a square zoom in,

I think the point is your viewing/presentation screen size is likely still going to be rectangular, regardless if you’re fitting elements into a square. So, looking at your application, would it make sense to simply choose your top & bottom outer limits as if it were a square, and then look at it as having bonus space on the left & right? Otherwise it is almost like you’re cheating yourself out of that room. Does that make sense or am I misunderstanding the intent?


Yeah , you are right. Thank you

This is still an issue for me. I need to zoom in on an area that is wide in the horizontal direction but narrow in the vertical direction. The current proportions of the rectangle include parts of other objects that are cut off and distracting in the zoom mode. The ability to adjust the proportions would be fantastic.

@John_Chasnoff, we will forward your feedback.