Adobe Flash Player is blocked in Classic

When I try to edit my presentation I receive an adobe error saying that adobe flash player is currently blocked. I follow the steps to allow adobe flash player and it still comes up blocked.

Hello @agoldberg, I merged your post with the relevant thread. Could you please tell us which browser are you using? :slight_smile:

I was using Chrome. I am able to edit using Internet Explorer.

Hello @agoldberg, could you please check the reply above?

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I can edit with Internet Explorer without a problem.

Hello @agoldberg, could you try my recommendation for Google Chrome? :slight_smile:

Quiero abrir una presentación en prezi classic que realicé el año pasado y me informa Adobe Flash Player está bloqueado. que hago?

Hola @Monica_Bongiovanni, he adjuntado su publicación a este tema. Nos podría decir que navegador está utilizando? :slight_smile:

Did you know Flash player support is going to end in the December 2020. Adobe Flash Player has played a leadership role in advancing interactivity and creative content – from video, to games for a very long time. But over the time browser vendors(Chrome, Edge, Firefox Etc.) are integrating new plugins like HTML5 , WebGL, WebAssembly which have more capabilities and functionalities then the flash plugin.So that’s why Adobe is planning to end of life flash player from all the platforms like Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Mozilla.

As they are taking it down most browser have by default blocking it so you need to go and turn it on manually,
Source(You can check here) : FlashPlayerFAQ

Hello @Carl_Thompson, thanks for the informations, you can check more details about how is Prezi handling the future of Classic in our blog.

It says that I must unlock Flash, but it is already being allowed.

Hello @Jose_Cuellar, I merged your post with the relevant thread. Could you tell us which browser are you using so we can investigate it?

It would also be helpful if you could send us a screenshot of what you see.

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Our school uses Chrome, but Flash is already allowed:

Hi, I’m also having difficulties with editing/creating new presentations in Prezi Classic. I’ve tried it in Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge with flash permissions turned on for each. None have worked.

Hello @Jose_Cuellar, after allowing Flash, you will need to refresh your page, so the changes are applied, as you can see here.

Could you please try to do so and let us know if it worked out?

Hello @Ann_Redfern, could you also send us a screenshot of what you see when you’re using one of the mentioned browsers?

Hope to hear from you soon!

Flash was/is already allowed. It’s not being blocked at all. But the error keeps saying it needs to be allowed.

Hello @Jose_Cuellar, when you open your Chrome settings, can you see the following website allowed

Chrome resets all the Flash settings when you close the browser, so you need to enable flash again after each restart.

My Adobe Flash is allowed and it still won’t allow me to edit my Prezi. I can create a whole new one but I can’t edit one I’ve already created. Help!

Hello @Cara_Ramlow, I merged your post with the relevant thread. Which browser are you using?