Advanced cropping (alpha)

If you have a mac it would be like the little (alpha) wond you use in keynote. It’s wear you can click a spot on a picture and delete the color in that general area. You can drag it out to make the area bigger. Here’s a link to a video on the instant alpha it will be titled (Add and edit graphics with ease.)…


Hi china.v12,

Thanks for the suggestion. We can add this to the user request list. :slight_smile:


Still no alpha? Would be a useful tool to have.

Hi Joel, 

        Thank you again for this idea, we really appreciate our user’s feedback.
We are constantly improving our tool and our knowledge base, and at the moment the cropping tool have a basic function, and you can find more information here.

We also dispose the aviary toolwithin the editor in which you can add effects to your images without having to download any additional software–allowing you to set a mood, cover up blemishes, remove redeye, and much more.



+1, I am desperately waiting for the alpha function too!
The current cropping effects don’t replace that function at all…
Looking forward to this supplementary improvement to an already great tool :slight_smile:

Hi Siglinde Pape,
Thanks for your comment and to help us improve the tool! Best, Nicki