Advancing a Prezi using a remote

Know what would be great? If it were possible to program the play/forward button in Prezi to be the same as the command sent to a PowerPoint via a remote. In other words, I’d love to be able to advance my prezi and not have to run back and forth to my computer. (Yeah, I roam around a lot while teaching…)

Most remote commanders will do this (I use one with prezi all the time) - however I have recently discovered an even better way… using my iPhone as a prezi remote! I got a remote wifi mouse app and now have full control even a touchpad to move the mouse pointer if i want to!

I have an iphone too and am trying to figure out how to use it as a remote for Prezi… hellpprezi didn’t work, waste of 2.00! Help??

Helloprezi works for me

which remote iphone app worked?

Were you trying to remote to a mac?

Nope, a PC. In fact, in online full screen mode, the remote works when it comes to moving from full screen to regular view. It just doesn’t advance the presentation for some reason.

Some presenters like to use up/down or pg up/pg dn to advance. Prezi uses left/right. Try using KeyTweak to remap those keys to left/right.

This is so BS! I have no iphone and am no software engineer to re-program my remote clicker. I just want to advance a frame by clicking the advance button on a standard remote I have purchased. Why will this functionality not work with Prezi??? Is it a legal issue?

Surely you could enable your interface to work if it were legal and not inmpacted by copyright. Just fix it!

Prezi sent me this dialogue for my request to help as a suggestion for finding a solution. I’ve re-read and do not see anyone offering a solution!

I use Mobile Mouse…

and Mobile Mouse Server

hello, could you help me with a few wireless presentation clicker options that is recommended for win/mac/prezi? i heard microsoft 8000 is a good one. But wanted to see what other recommendations you have. Thanks.

Presentation clicker option recommendations._

Hi all. In linux it is easy to solve the problem. First of all open a terminal…

  1. Knowing our keycodes
    type: xev (enter)
    Press the Advance button of your remote control, take note of the code (maybe 117)
    Press the Re button of your remote control, take note of the code (maybe 112)

  2. Remapping keycodes
    Type in the terminal: xmodmap -e ‘keycode 117 = Right’
    Type in the terminal: xmodmap -e ‘keycode 112 = Left’

Note the places where the keycodes are.

The next time you start your session, the key maps will be set to default. You can write a simple script with this code to make the things faster.

That’s all.

Linux is Easy!!!

Where did you download it? I can’t find the app on the app store…

it was in the app store…not sure if it still is

Bas Landsbergen’s suggestion worked perfectly.
Just download it to your PC or Mac, and then install the remote app on your phone.

"Bas Landsbergen (Official Rep) 1 year ago
I use Mobile Mouse… "

Presentation Remote in Chrome Web Store works great.
Search for “prezi” in

If you want to do a prezi presentation but i need a Bluetooth based device to remote control my Mac book desktop presentation, but not through wifi. Since I have an iPhone, would it be possible to use it?