Affiliate Program

Hello, I’m here with a question about whether has an affiliate program running? Thank you in advance!

Hello @Lazar_Pavlovic, I’m afraid that at the moment we don’t have an affiliate program running, but could you please share more details on how you’d like to be connected to Prezi? :slight_smile:

I am also interested in affiliate partnering with prezi. I promote prezi in Japan a lot in these days.

Hello @nobu.nakazawa we do not have an affiliate program at the moment, could you please share more details about your case?

Thanks for your reply.

I recommend Prezi Video to my fellow coaches and online teachers.
They are very excited with its function.

2022年6月29日(水) 18:39 Bart via Prezi Community <>:

Hi @nobu.nakazawa, I’m happy you are finding Prezi useful. :slight_smile:
I’ll make sure to forward your feedback to our team.