Alignment Tool

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It would be great to have an active-passive alignment tool that would help you align elements on the presentation canvas. It would work like this: you start moving some item (can also work for rotating) and the software detects the elements close by. It then shows you some (dotted) lines (just like in Illustrator when you have “Smart Guides” activated) that would help you align elements with precision.


I also like this idea. This is one of the feature we wanted to implement one year ago but have always something more important. You know.

But you will see this in the next major release. I promise.


If you’re going to align things then you’re also going to want the ability to scale things to the same size. Notably text.

That is, I have two headlines that I want to be aligned, but if I don’t have a way to make them the same size I’ll spend a lot of time deleting and recreating content.

I concur. The idea of being able to size things with precision would be important. Thanks Adam.

I’d like to be able to “snap to grid” and snap to nearby objects

I agree. Size align is very important. It’s frustrating to have different text elements that are aaalmost the same size.

This is definitely an important feature to have. Similarly, to have the option to select multiple objects and then just click a button to align horizontally or vertically according to the center, top, bottom, left, or right of the object would suffice.

The Mac functionality used in Keynote and other iWorsk apps works well. If you move forward, please consider adding distribution functions as well.

If anyone remembers, HyperCard had an alignment gizmo that included “align on centers” and “align on edges”, and something called “distribution” which spread objects out evenly over a given distance. I’d love something like that in Prezi.

OmniGraffle is another Mac application that does alignment well. It will show you some lines when your currently selected object is aligned with some nearby object. The interface feels really seamless and smart.

Can any of these apps be used with Prezi, or are they just examples of alignment functionality?

Bonus question: is there a SWF editor with alignment features? Would that even work?

Google Sketchup also has a very nice interface for aligning items, when it will snap to the mid- or end-point of other items, not just the grid.

Even the ability to adjust things mathematically (i.e. increase or decrease size by a set percentage, move along the x- or y-axis by a set number of units, rotate by a set number of degrees) would help things dramatically.

I imagine this is probably how Prezi lays things out behind the scenes, so even exposing it via an API would work (then Prezis could be created programatically with various elements in specific positions, which would be incredible).

Did this ever get implemented? I can see the topic is three years old now. We’re trialing Prezi as a shift from Powerpoint for Mac to show some quite intricate timelines, but are finding the lack of alignment or even manual sizing of objects (to ensure they are the same size) very frustrating - you end up looking very unprofessional when items are even slightly misaligned or mis-sized. Any thoughts?

AFAIK, orientation (rotation) alignment is already implemented as a flashing of the enclosing frame when you rotate the new element you’re creating in a frame.

The only way I know of to match type size and color is to make a copy of the old element and replace the text.

Anyone else have other hints?

More specific suggestions in line with this thread are:……

I can’t find any easy way to center an object on a frame in prezi? The snap function is not working and can’t see any guidelines either. It would also be good, if someone could advise me how to align objects so they have de same space between them. I assume these features is implemented already.

Alignment in presentation is vital.  Minor deviations from a standard centering or left/right align can distract from any point.  Although shapes/images do have a centering or lock feature when moving, a standard alignment function like you see in other presentation tools like PowerPoint would be at the top of my list to add to Prezi.  Please?

Okay, I’m new to Prezi, but it doesn’t look like anyone else has responded.  I’ll probably use the wrong terms (Office terms), but that’s all I’ve got for now.

When I’m making a presentation, and I add a Title to a frame, I want to be able to click something or have a guide so that I KNOW that my title and my text box are centered in my frame.  Maybe let me right click and then click “center in frame.”  Right now I’m having to eyeball and do things like hold up rulers.  I also want to be able to center my text box on my title and sometimes, I get the little blue guideline, but sometimes I don’t.  Let me select both boxes of text, right click and then have an option like “align at left, right, center.”  (Not just text.  When I add three frames, I want to be able to line them up.  Sometimes I can get the blue guidelines, but only if they’re really close together.)

I’m in Adult Education and I love Prezi because one of our main goals with our students is to get them to see “parts of a whole.” This way, I’m encouraging that from the beginning of my orientation presentation.  However, if I can’t get my objects/texts centered on each other and my Prezis take significantly longer to make… then I’ll probably stop using Prezi.


over 8 years ago… and the “employee” answered “we are working on that” … Now … 8 years later - Nothing has changed. Hahaha and I don’t think it will. Ever.