All clickers working with a full screen browser Prezi.

Can we add this work around to the portable-clicker support page on the help site.

If you only have a portable clicker that emulates mouse clicks then simply follow these steps to enable your clicker live.

  1. load your prezi and click Edit Prezi.
  2. Press space bar to bring up show mode.
  3. Press m to remove the toolbar.
  4. click on your browser menu bar and click view >> fullscreen.

Now you prezi is in full screen but you can also use your clicker to navigate.
Have fun!

I just tried to do this - I have a Macbook Pro - if I click on edit Prezi and then press space bar I don’t get show mode, nothing happens. I really need to figure out how to use a portable clicker for a presentation I have to give next Monday. All I need is a way to advance /go back each page, don’t need zoom. Why doesn’t this work around work?

Anybody tested this with macremote in chrome?

Just to clarify my problem - I am using a downloaded version of the presentation since I’m not sure if there will be internet access in the presentation conference room or not. I will be loading the deck from a USB stick either to my Macbook Pro or someone else’s PC laptop. So I need to know for either case, how can I get a clicker to work to advance the slides.

If you are using a downloaded flash .exe to show your prezi you do not need to worry about space bar. Simply click the full screen button down on the bottom right corner (within the prezi) and then use your clicker like normal.

Though oddly enough, my $10 cheap clicker works with downloaded prezis but my $100+ logitech pro model does not. So you’ll need to see whether your clicker is compatible with flash.

Haven’t tested this on any Mac machines, but have tested it under XP, Vista and W7 environments.

If I grab some time soon, Ill check it all out on mac and update this thread.

I just went out and bought a $40 Targus clicker and it works to go forward/back.

I’m not sure it works with Prezi Desktop application? I can’t get it to work :slight_smile:

Should add I’m a Mac user.

I tried this with my remote clicker X-pointer. Its buttons are set to mouse scroll wheel up and down, not editable. And it does not work according to the instruction above. Its buttons are working as if mouse pointer is on the center of the screen and scroll wheel activate up and down. Is there anyone has a good solution?

Thanks so much! It worked!!

Radelaide - Have you been able to test this out on a mac to see how we can make it work? It’s not working with the mac clicker. :frowning: And I won’t be on a PC anytime soon…

Just to be clear I think this only works if you have the full desktop version. I got it working but NOT using the browser…

In response to petergold99. As per the title and description this is for use with browsers, not the full desktop version. Though I believe the full desktop version is a similar method.

I have this working in almost all major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE), so if you’re having trouble, perhaps detail you steps, and browser version and we can see where you are having trouble.

Gah sorry, I had a mac meltdown, only just got a new HDD. Will test this week.

Dear Joanne,

What model of Targus have you? I’m thinking to buy AMP09EU. It’s ok with a prezi?


Hi, I still can’t make my remote control works with Prezi.

I have the Prezi Desktop installed in my MacBook PRO and I’m trying to use my Apple Remote (MC377AM/A) but nothing happens.

Will someone could tell me how to make presentations with the Apple Remote, please? It works wonderfully with Keynote.


Daniel !](](

Just so you know, you do NOT need to press M to hide when in Show mode, as it hides automatically.

I have an Interlink Electronics Remote Point Global Presenter wireless mouse, and it works just fine in regular Prezi fullscreen mode. I didn’t have to do a workaround at all. Just sayin’.

Specifically about Apple Remote (picture above), does anyone know how to use it with Prezi? I still can’t make it works!!

I will be very glad with any kind of assistance on this.


Me too I’m frustrated: Apple Remote doesn’t work. Please, let fix this inconvenient.