All my Prezi's have been deleted


I logged in and there are none of my past presentations. I’ve had this account for many years and have many many prezis in the past. I don’t know why they are all gone.


Same here! How do I go back to the old version of Prezi to obtain my previously created presentations?


@Mieke_Kramer Please make sure to switch to your Classic dashboard by clicking on the Next icon in the top left corner after logging in.

@KELSEY_DAVIS1 your current account was created recently, is it possible that you had a different account in the past? Could you maybe send us a link to one of your presentations so we can locate the account itself? Thanks in advance.


Going back to Classic worked. Thanks! Any way to get the old Prezi’s to transfer to Prezi Next?


There is no way to do this and it sounds like Prezi has no intention to make this possible. :frowning: