All of my embedded YouTube videos are no longer functioning in Prezi Classic (as of the last few days). Anyone else having the same problem?

All of my embedded YouTube videos are no longer functioning in Prezi Classic (as of the last few days). Anyone else having the same problem?

I am having the same problem. Have we found an answer yet?

I haven’t heard anything yet. I assume Prezi developers are aware of this problem, but it’s frustrating to have no apparent way of contacting them directly.

I discovered the same issue yesterday afternoon. I’m a high school teacher and Monday the videos worked, and then during class on Tuesday the videos suddenly stopped loading. I’ve tried using the Prezi in different browsers, ensured flash player was updated, etc., and to no avail. Are we sure there is no e-mail or contact to ensure this issue is on their radar?

I can’t find an e-mail or contact. I’m teaching  college English courses and was frustrated that the YouTube videos would not play. They worked for awhile today but failed again tonight. I’m wondering if it has to do with a push toward Prezi Next or something?

It might, but I can’t imagine how that would cause these videos that have been embedded to stop working. Especially frustrating when I haven’t opened a Prezi for a year and I can’t remember which videos I chose to show.

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I’ve had the same issue. Very frustrating.

I got it to work again. apparently prezi classic now upgrades you to a new beta player. You can go back to the old version and it will work again in classic mode. 

how? im in classic and it still wont work

Is everyone here on educational accounts? Maybe useful for Prezi to know. I can’t be sure whether they realize there’s a problem.

Ed- you rock! If you are in the ‘My Presentations’ screen and press present on one of them, there should be something that pops up at the bottom that says ‘switch back to classic player’. I did that and my videos played totally normal. 

I would be interested to hear why the new beta player doesn’t play those already embedded links :confused:

Launch Prezi in present mode. wait to make it full screen. at the bottom of the canvas there is a  very small notice - can easily be missed- that says you have been upgraded to the new and improved (read beta) player and gives you the option of going back to the version that worked. Just switch back. worked for me on pc and mac after not working. 

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Hi Vanda - I’m having exactly the same issue - no embedded YouTube videos are playing in Prezi Classic. I have a major presentation on Weds and need this working. Are you aware of the issue and is there a fix?

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Hi Vanda – many thanks for coming back to me.

I think it’s something to do with my MacBook, because I can access the presentations through another laptop and the YouTube videos play. I’ve been using this MacBook Pro for a couple of years with no problem, but suddenly I any videos with YouTube links stop working. It doesn’t seem to affect Prezi Next however, as I can add a YouTube link to a new Prezi Next presentation and everything seems to work OK. So it’s something to do with Prezi Classic on this particular machine.

Any advice really grateful as this is my primary work PC and I use Prezi a lot!

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Hi Lana,

I am having the same problem. I presented a few weeks ago and all of the embedded youtube links played perfectly and now suddenly they have stopped working.

I have a macbook pro retina 13-inch mid 2014 running MacOS High Sierra version 10.13.5. I have several prezi classics presentations which are now not working on example would be:

I have several presentations coming up and would really appreciate being able to use the functionality as it was a few weeks ago.


Hi Vanda, thanks for getting back to me. I have just tried from my desktop and got it to work in one way, but not two others!

I am running:

Desktop: imac late 2015 with MacOS Sierra 10.12.6

Chrome: latest version 67.0.3396.87

  1. I then clicked on the “edit” tab on the talk: and clicked “Present” in the top right of the screen (blue arrow). Which is how I have always presented. However, the links do not play.

  2. If I download the presentation to present offline, the videos do not work as they are 360 degree format, and the entire field of view is shown in the offline version.

  3. However, if I present by clicking on the “present” tab from the My presentations screen the movies now work.

I can of course continue using option (3) for now, but it would be good to know if (1) and (2) will be fixed or start working?



OK, thank you Vanda!

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This problem seem to persist. I jut tried to play videos from a course I taught last year, but none of the YouTube videos play when I present directly from Edit mode. I need to be able to go back and forth between the edit and the play mode in the class, as students upload information and videos into the presentation inside the class.
Please advise.


I am still having this issue as well. Old YouTube Videos as well as new ones do not play unless I switch back to the old viewer. This is frustrating to have to switch each time and not be able to use the new viewer. Any news on when this will be permanently fixed?

I have the same problem. Old youtube videos doesn´t work. Going back to the old viewer solves it for now. Very frustrating.