All prezis are loading off center

So apparently I have to post here because Prezi wants me to pay to ask them for help or report issues… Seriously Prezi?

All presentations are loading off center. Not just from my computer but from all users at my school. I’d like to report it but I can’t because I’m not paying Prezi to tell them their product isn’t working. Hopefully someone behind the scenes is working on this as we speak, but if they don’t know about it then hopefully now they know.

I am having an issue where my presentation is opening different in different browsers. It works perfectly in Google, doesn’t work in Explorer, and is misaligned in Firefox. I had someone try to replicate these issues and she is unable to view it correctly on Google. Is ther any way to fix this? Here’s my presentation link:

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I have exactly the same problem… :frowning:

Hi @Kristina_Harding, I have checked your presentation and it opens properly for me in the latest Google Chrome version on Mac as well as on Firefox.

Please note that Internet Explorer is not a supported browser by Prezi.

Could you tell me where have you experienced this issue that you’ve attached as a screenshot?

I have the same problem… with the latest version of Chrome… for every prezi that I try to open.

Hi @Olivier_Clermont, I have checked your links, they open fine for me.
Could you send me a screenshot of the issue?

The screenshot is from my colleague using Chrome but I experienced the same issue on my computer with Firefox. My Chrome version works.

Here it is

Hi @Olivier_Clermont, @Kristina_Harding, could you please check the presentations again?

Hi there! Don’t know why or how, but the problem seems to be solved! Thanks!! :slight_smile:

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It seems to be resolved on both Firefox and Chrome. Thank you so much!

Hi @Sean_Kasak, there was an issue with this but now it is resolved and our team is working on finding the root cause.